Yasmine Talks Shop: The Virgo Collection

In three days, Virgo season will be upon us. I love this time of year! The novelty of leaving my house without a coat has finally worn off, but I can feel the back-to-school energy in the air. It’s a baby summer-fall hybrid season for all the people like me who have yet to have the time to enjoy summer properly. In a couple of weeks, my body will be in a body of water, and it will be glorious! 

Speaking of glorious body sensations (wow, what a segway!), have you tried on the Moment of Bliss yet? The name says it all. It’s arguably the most comfortable garment I’ve ever designed. For this launch, we’re bringing it back in the original best-selling forest green, with a few improvements to the pattern. We’ve adjusted the faux-wrap neckline to accommodate a broader range of chest shapes and improved the fit on the hips and bum. This jumpsuit is made from organic cotton yarn, TENCEL™ Lyocell and a touch of spandex. We source this OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 textile from KenDor, a Canadian manufacturer that has been operating in BC since 1953. 

 Fans of the faux wrap will be happy to learn that we’re also launching our Spell top in a new colour; heather grey. I love to style the Spell with Eastside or East Harlem pants because the wide waistband lengthens your torso, creating a lovely sleek silhouette with the wide-legged trousers. The Spell is made from a Canadian-made organic cotton recycled polyester blend. 

Polyester! Let’s talk about it! This material has a terrible reputation. Producing virgin polyester is awful for the environment, but there’s a reason this textile is so pervasive. It’s strong, flexible, easy to care for, low cost and moisture-wicking. TLDR: Garments made, even partially, with polyester will be in good shape for a long time. They will stay in your wardrobe and not end up in a landfill as quickly as the supposedly “eco-conscious” pieces that fall apart after the first wash. 

The good news is that recycled polyester performs just as well as virgin polyester. Using post-consumer PET water bottles rather than new petroleum and chemicals as raw material mitigates a lot of the negative impacts. 

In other good news, the Eastsides are back in stock! These pants are one of our best-selling styles. After seeing them on so many different bodies, I decided to make a few adjustments while digitizing the pattern. I’m so happy with the results. If you need a comfy pair of black pants that dress up and down like a dream, the Eastsides are for you.

Finally, the Pre-Fall collection was so well received that we decided to do a second run. If you had your eye on the East Harlem pants, Crocodile Rock dress or Bang Bang t-shirt but missed out, now is your chance. Please be advised that these pieces are made with deadstock fabrics, so they won’t last forever. Get them while you can!

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