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Yasmine Talks Shop: February 2021 Edition

One of the items on our Lustre Projects list this year was utilizing some of our “double deadstock” fabric. (Double deadstock: the deadstock fabric we have had sitting in our atelier long enough that it has essentially become deadstock for us on top of its original deadstock designation.)Some of you know how much I love searching for treasures in Montreal fabric warehouses--finding beautiful vintage deadstock fabrics--but after 15 years, we now have a studio full of fabric. Some are small amounts leftover from designs we made 10 years ago, while others are rolls we purchased and sampled with but never went into production. All that to say, one of my goals is to include at least one garment made out...


Les tailles « sur mesure »

Hello, Lustre lovelies!Not everyone in our ever-growing community is familiar with our Custom Sizing, so we're here to break it down.As you know, Lustre designs and creates clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, making fashion that suits your life, style, and body perfectly. Tailoring is included in the price, so if you need something taken in, up, or let down, we'll do it with a spring in our step.In building our online store and working through these many months of social distancing, we brainstormed how we might still deliver our excellent fitting services to those of you who are far away. The answer? CUSTOM SIZING. When should you select CUSTOM? Your size is sold out; Our sizing (detailed here) doesn't cater...


Silky Silk for a Sumptuous Experience

For December’s launch (and the holiday season), we decided to focus on ultra-lux feel-good loungewear made out of washed silk. And now I’m going to gush about it (while still being wonderfully informative). Now. Put up your hand if you didn’t know washed / washable silk was a thing. I’m 32 and had never heard of such a thing. I always assumed silk was dry clean only, probably due to all the care labels stating as much. If you’re anything like me, you don’t buy garments that need to be dry cleaned, or if you do, once “dirty” enough, they all get shoved in a bag and slowly collect dust and wrinkles until you finally make it to the dry...


Rin's 8 Essentials to Survive 2020

It's November, folks. School is getting stressful, the weather's feeling grim, and we are most certainly deprived of sunlight.  This year has been a hell of a ride. In this new-found world of increased screen time, limited exposure to loved ones, and perpetual pandemic paranoia, the energy is feeling especially heavy. We have to get back to basics. I mean, if you're anything like me, procrastination is currently exhausting you more than the actual tasks. I can't *stress enough* the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other.  I have been looking away into a nostalgic abyss in the hopes that this new-found "normal" would make sense.  In the meantime, let's find our peace of mind by reconnecting with...


Whatcha' Reading November 2020

Hi, I'm Katherine and I love books.For those of you who don't know me, I've taken on the position of copywriter/editor, online merchandiser, and photoshoot stylist (among other things) for Boutique Lustre. After a few years of being a huge fan of Lustre, Yasmine, and her designs, we found a way to work together. FUN FACT: Yasmine made my wedding dress!As I said, I love books. Always have, always will. I feel perfectly at home sitting cozily in a corner reading quietly for hours. (If I'm honest, it's not always "quietly." Sometimes I'm laughing or gasping out loud and occasionally throwing the book across the room if it's particularly upsetting.) Since COVID first hit Montréal in March, my husband and I have basically...


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