Yasmine Talks Shop:  The Sweat & Swim Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Sweat & Swim Collection


We named this collection Sweat & Swim because it contains pieces designed for multi-function. You can wear them for exercise or in the water or integrate them into your everyday wardrobe.

As always, I was inspired by our clients to create pieces that make sense for our lives. We all want to feel cute, but not everyone is comfortable showing so much skin in every situation. Maybe you're at the cottage with your in-laws, or you need to be able to pick up a rambunctious toddler at the pool. Maybe you're tired of your belly popping out when your leggings roll down at Pilates. Maybe you just want to feel less naked in public. We all have different reasons why we might be looking for more modesty in our sportswear, but that shouldn't mean we have to compromise on style.

Similarly, compressive sportswear doesn't work for everyone all the time. Personally, I struggle with pelvic pain, and compressive leggings can exacerbate my symptoms when I'm in a flare-up. Compressive garments can be challenging to get on and off and might cause problems for people with limited mobility. For these reasons and more, all the pieces in the collection were designed to be non-compressive and are made with a performance rib fabric. The rib allows more play between sizes, so if you're looking for more support, go down a size with the tops. For the bottoms, we recommend going with your usual size.


The Origin Story

This collection has been in the works for a very long time.

Some of you might recall when I put my back out in 2014 while doing the very dignified task of picking up my dog's poop. This is the event that started my fitness journey. The motivation to keep my body strong so that I can be a responsible old lady who picks up after her dog(s) gave me the push I needed to figure out what kind of exercise I enjoy. Could someone please go back in time and tell 20-year-old Yasmine that she'll be doing bench presses for fun in her 40s? She won't believe you, but I'm sure she'll have a good laugh.

To say that I started thinking about this collection the moment I stepped foot into a gym would be a little hyperbolic, but it's not far from the truth. My training buddies were bugging me about designing athleticwear almost immediately. (You know who you are…) They had a lot of requests, but fundamentally, they wanted the signature Lustre comfort and style in their sportswear.

This is often how innovation happens here. Someone in my life expresses a need. They've been looking for a particular garment. They may have found a few versions on the market, but they're never quite right. I let the idea percolate in my head, and then one day, I find the perfect fabric. As long as the sampling process goes well and the cost analysis makes sense, we're typically in production with this new garment within a few months. However, we weren't set up to produce sportswear at the time. Performance leggings, sports bras and swim shorts have different manufacturing requirements than what we typically make, so while I didn't dismiss the idea outright at the time, I had to leave the idea of Lustre sportswear on the back burner.

Last year, all of our manufacturing stars aligned. We started working with a new sewer with a lot of experience with swimwear and all the required sewing machines. I found a performance textile that fits our company values that I will be able to re-order in the future. I typically opt to use deadstock fabric when I can, but because the patterning involved in these garments is so specific to the material, long-term availability of the textile is necessary to keep this collection cost-effective.

Once we got to our second round of sampling and knew the collection was ready to produce, all that was left to do was place it in our production schedule… and the only time that made sense was after the holidays. So yes, I am fully aware that releasing an athletic collection in January is a little on the nose, but I promise it's because of logistics, not because we're following the "New Year New Me" trend. We don't want a new you. We think you're fantastic, just the way you are!


The Fabric

As I mentioned earlier, finding a suitable fabric was integral to creating this collection. We sourced this lovely rib from one of my favourite manufacturers, KenDor. It's a poly-spandex made with 86% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) and 14% Chito Spandex. We love it because it's dense but not compressive and has excellent full coverage. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that black underwear didn't show through any of the colours in our fittings.

This fabric has been treated with ChitoSanté, a new environmentally friendly treatment made from a natural biomass called Chitosan. Chitosan is made from crab and/or shrimp shells. This non-toxic treatment gives the fabric antibacterial properties, making it odour-resistant and hygienic. Additionally, the treatment helps reduce pilling and increase the moisture-wicking properties of the material.

Here is some additional information from the manufacturer:

Chitosanté is created when Chitosan is combined with textile fibres during the dying and/or finishing process. Since Chitosan binds very easily, it can be combined with a variety of different fibres and creates a fabric with many benefits. ChitoSanté is absorbent, breathable, durable, fast-drying, soft, static-free and easy to handle.

Along with these benefits, ChitoSanté has natural and durable antibacterial properties. ChinoSanté strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria. Chinosanté treated fabrics stay fresh, hygienic and odour-resistant. ChinoSanté is the only antibacterial bioagent in the world certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Bound by a Thread and Starman
We have tested and perfected these patterns over a few seasons and are so excited to release them in a moisture-wicking fabric! No more sweat retention! Both of these tops are doubled in the front for extra coverage and support. To increase breathability, there is only one layer of fabric in the back of both the Starman tank and Bound by a Thread bralette.

For those who have been with us for a while, your nostalgia might be piqued by this violet Starman, as it was the very first colour we ever released!

Primitive Love
This long-sleeved mock neck top was designed to function like a rashguard. The long sleeves aid in sun protection and, when wet, will actually help you stay cooler on a hot day.
This top is also fantastic for low-impact movement or as a post-session cover-up that won't absorb your sweat. It also looks great styled for every day with our flowy New Wave skirt or East Harlem pants (coming soon!).


Swim shorts are something I have been looking for and trying out but have yet to be satisfied with. These Heated shorts are the result of correcting all the little issues I have accumulated. These are properly high-waisted swim shorts with full bum coverage that still look cute! The leg doesn't roll up thanks to an integrated elastic on the hems. The waist is the same construction as our Long Jane, with a thick high-waisted belt and small elastic at the back for a comfortable fit that doesn't roll down. Because of the non-compressive front belt, all of the bottoms in this collection are wonderful if you struggle with digestive flare-ups and/or pelvic pain.

Bicycle Race
These are our classic bike shorts that can be worn for any activity! The technical fabric will last longer and withstand friction better than the pill-free jersey of previous seasons. We cut them a bit shorter to fit better under dresses and to be more comfortable for swimming. The hem now falls mid-thigh.

Long Jane
There are the well-loved leggings of previous seasons, now with moisture-wicking! These high-waisted, non-compressive leggings have always been able to handle high-impact activities. The thick high-waisted belt and small elastic at the back mean these leggings stay up no matter what. Now, in a moisture-wicking antibacterial rib, the sweat that comes with hi-impact movement won't be an issue either.

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