Yasmine Talks Shop: The Summertime Blues Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Summertime Blues Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop is a blog to fill you in on all the details about upcoming collections at Lustre Boutique. We typically share this information while chatting with clients at the shop, so this is our way of bringing our online community into the conversation. Purchasing clothing online can be challenging, so please contact us on social media or via email if you need more information about our pieces.  


At Lustre Boutique, we do our best to give our clients what they need. It’s February, so I think it’s fair to say we could all do with a bit more sunshine. I can’t control the clouds, but I have done my best to evoke the feeling of sun rays on your face with my upcoming capsule collection, aptly titled Summertime Blues. This collection will carry you through to springtime with transitional pieces that you can integrate into your winter wardrobe.    

I took one for the team and road-tested the collection in sunny California to ensure each piece was also appropriate for warm weather; I’m happy to report everything was top-notch!

Yasmine enjoying the sun on the beach

Me, doing some very rigorous testing on the Summertime Blues collection.


The exciting part of last year’s scaling project is that all new styles were pattered digitally. This switch has enabled me to adjust and modify patterns without retracing and regrading them by hand, saving us a lot of time in the development process. Naturally, this new workflow has influenced my process. I’ve been taking a more modular approach to design. I’ve been calling it “mix-and-match functionality.” I will go into more detail in future blogs, but for now, let me tell you how it has influenced the Summertime Blues collection.

I cherry-picked elements from some of our most loved styles and combined them to create our first-ever shirt dress. The Changes dress has components of the Rebel Girl dress, the Crimson and Clover dress, the Naked Eye blouse and the Nobody’s Baby shirt. Plus, it has pockets. And a magical floral print. AND the buttons are functional! What more could you ask for?



To those of you asking for more jumpsuits, your request has (sort of) been granted! When worn together, The East Harlem pants and the Chiquitita 2.0 top look and feel like a jumpsuit, but you can break them up and wear them as separates! This striking cobalt is the same linen blend we used for our Big Lies short last year. We had so much success with this textile that we brought it back as one of our tried and true fabrics for 2024.

East Harlem is our full-length palazzo pants. For the Eastside fans out there, the East Harlem is the same cut but longer and in a more lightweight fabric. We have added an elastic to the front belt to give it more structure. The elastic does not cause any ruching or compression as the elastic is cut the same length as the belt.



You might recognize this top if you have been shopping with us for a while. The Chiquitita has evolved quite a bit since its first iteration. This version is longer than the original to overlap with our high-waisted pants. We added a sash-waist that you can tie in the front or the back for more fit and size range flexibility. Wear it with the matching East Harlem pants for a jumpsuit look, or break it up with the new floral Super Freak skirt.


If you aren’t familiar with our Super Freak skirt, it’s one of our classic cuts. A perfect balance between flowy and form-fitting, this skirt is cut to hug your curves while still showcasing the drape of the fabric. The waistband lies flat in the front but has elastics in the back, so it looks crisp while remaining comfortable. For this launch, we’re making it in a lovely mid-weight viscose that will look great with or without tights - the quintessential transitional piece. Please note that this item will be available on pre-order only as we have a limited quantity of fabric.

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