Yasmine Talks Shop: The Harvest Moon Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Harvest Moon Collection

We're back for another edition of Yasmine Talks Shop, in which I, the designer and owner of Lustre Boutique, fill you in on all the details about our upcoming collection. I typically share this information while chatting with clients at the shop. This blog is an attempt to bring our online community into the conversation. Purchasing clothing online can be challenging, so please contact us on social media or via email if you need more information about our pieces.  


The Harvest Moon Collection
I am so excited to finally talk about the gorgeous textiles in this collection! We could have easily named this the Silk and Wool collection, but I felt that Harvest Moon was a more vivid evocation of this collection's warm colours and luxurious textures.
Deadstock Italian Wool: New Wave skirt

This ½ circle midi skirt is the New Wave that you know and love, but with some upgrades! After successfully transitioning our narrower Super Freak skirt from numeric sizing (2-24) to alphabetic sizing (XS-4XL), we've done the same to the beloved New Wave. We replaced the original stiff belt with a waistband that lies flat in the front but with elastics in the back for added comfort. The beautiful deadstock Italian wool brings an added level of sophistication to this piece. Contrary to what you might expect from wool, this fabric drapes beautifully. It's reminiscent of traditional menswear summer suiting, lightweight and with a subtle sheen that captures light beautifully.

Merino Wool: Long sleeve Bang Bang top and Crocodile Rock body-con dress

We've been eager to incorporate Merino wool into our collection but faced challenges in sourcing quality, ethically-produced material at a favourable price point. Our persistence finally paid off when we discovered a deadstock supply of 100% Merino wool. Merino wool is often used in sportswear because of its moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and anti-odor properties. We love it for all these reasons and because it's softer than other wools.  

We took two different approaches with this textile. The long-sleeved Bang Bang, a basic crew neck T-shirt, was inspired by the sportswear Merino is often associated with. This top will be your favourite base layer this winter. With the Crocodile Rock, we went in a totally different direction. We first released this body-con dress in Powermesh this summer, but it has a totally different vibe in this knit. This dress is cozy yet refined. The cut highlights your natural curves without over-stretching the fabric.


Spectacular Silks: Naked Eye and Mood Swing blouses, Big Lies shorts

FYI: The pieces in this part of the collection will only be available in especially limited quantities, so we will be selling them on pre-order. Please keep in mind that delivery will take a bit longer than usual.

Sometimes, the nature of deadstock means we can't secure as much fabric as we'd like. Such is the case with this stunning silk chiffon. Its colour combination, embroidery, and quality were too exceptional to pass up, even though we can only produce a handful of them. We used this remarkable fabric in our Mood Swing design, akin in fit and sizing to the Naked Eye but with our cuffed Ashes to Ashes sleeve. This top is truly a once-in-a-lifetime piece!

Initially intended for the holiday season, we've decided to introduce our silk collection ahead of schedule. The Naked Eye shirt with tulip sleeves was such a hit this summer, so when we found these handpainted deadstock silks from India, we knew exactly what to do with them. Whether worn tucked in or free-flowing, the effortless drape of the Naked Eye is great for warm weather, but because of its vibrant hues, it will also integrate seamlessly into your holiday looks. Please keep in mind that this material has been handpainted, so there will be some variation in the pattern.

Finally, our best-selling Big Lies shorts are back with a bang! They have colour! They have sparkle! They have just the right amount of flair and our signature half-elastic waistband! They're also black so they will go with everything! The styling possibilities are endless!

Can you tell that I'm excited about these shorts?

At Lustre, we love a fancy pair of shorts, but they're only fancy if they fit impeccably. We want everyone to get in on this multi-coloured sparkle extravaganza, so we went with our MVP. The Big Lies shorts are our most diversely flattering style of shorts. This fabric has more hold than the linen blend we launched this summer, so the drape is closer to the polka dot version but slightly shorter.
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I absolutely love the merino wool skirt and silk printed top! They are so fall and whimsical. I have been shopping Boutique Lustre for a least a good 7 years now and I get an outfit almost every season because the pieces are timeless and they last! It is also very important to me to support Canadian designers!

Siovone Bourgeois

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