Yasmine Talks Shop: The Dress Edit

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Dress Edit

Yasmine Talks Shop is a blog to fill you in on all the details about upcoming collections at Lustre Boutique. We typically share this information while chatting with clients at the shop, so this is how we invite our online community into the conversation. Purchasing clothing online can be challenging, so please get in touch with us on social media or via email if you need more information about our pieces.

The past couple of launches have been very focused on separates, so for this collection, I decided to switch things up. Allow me to introduce The Dress Edit: a mini collection of four dresses, each featuring Lustre Boutique’s trademark comfort and versatility. Whether for everyday or for an event, these dresses can be styled in many ways, making them all excellent additions to a sustainable wardrobe. 

Chances are, the first item you purchased from us was a dress. Most of our new clients come into the shop looking for an outfit for an event. The requirements for event wear have changed a lot over the years, but, unless you’re getting married, splurging on an outfit that you’ll only wear once has never been fun. Even the celebs are starting to catch on that single-wear outfits aren’t great for the environment, or our wallets.

And shouldn’t you love your dress so much that you want to wear it more than once?

Sure, use the event as a pretext, but a comfortable dress that you can style in a variety of ways is guaranteed to be on heavy rotation in your wardrobe. I think this is why our dress-up-dress-down pieces have always been so popular.

Take the Silver maxi tank dress, for example.

I’ve seen enough of you walking up St-Laurent in your Slivers during MURAL fest to know that this dress is not just for attending weddings. The Sliver is a Lustre classic because it can be styled with heels and a necklace for a formal event, but can also be layered with a turtleneck, tights and boots for a casual night out, or worn over your bathing suit at the beach and then shoved into your suitcase. (Actually though, it doesn’t wrinkle.) We love it for its flow and dimension, but it ultimately wins everyone over because of how comfortable it is. The micro pleats give extra room so this dress will grow with you through pregnancy, endo belly, food babies etc.

We’ve refilled the Floral and Black & White and we’re introducing a new colour: Sparkly Blush. I couldn’t resist this slinky, old Hollywood, disco glamour. I can’t wait to see how the newest addition to the Sliver family will be styled during the upcoming wedding season and beyond. 

We are relaunching the Changes from February in a fun nostalgic print that we’ve cheekily titled “Price is Right”. I discussed how the digital scaling project has influenced my design process in the February blog, but TLDR: I’ve gone modular. The Changes dress is a beautiful Frankenstein of the Rebel Girl dress, the Crimson and Clover dress, the Naked Eye blouse and the Nobody’s Baby blouse. Plus, it has pockets. And a fun print. AND the buttons are functional! What more could you ask for? This waisted shirt dress moves seamlessly from work events, to cocktail parties, to Sunday brunch with your fur-nephew with all the comfort and ease you need to feel your best.


Finally, we’re introducing a new style! The Grace is an oversized shirt dress that can also be worn open, like a duster. We’re launching it in two colours; Sand and Blue Stripes.

The Sand is our tried and true linen-viscose material. I love how it gets softer with every wash while maintaining its structural integrity. This minimalist, sophisticated mini dress is a perfect basic for summer. While this is the least “dress-up-able” of the four, the Grace in Sand is still a very versatile piece. We styled it with scarves and statement shoes for the photo-shoot, but I also love it as a beach cover up.


In the blue stripes, the Grace has a slightly different energy. The oversized collar, cuff, simple buttons and pinstripes wink to traditional menswear shirting while simultaneously being voluminous and romantic. Pairing it with our lilac Sweat&Swim set and heels, plays into its garçonne aesthetic. But styling can take this piece in very different directions. At the beach I wore it casually with the brown Starman and Bicycle Race shorts underneath and I love how elegant it looks when worn open as a duster over our cobalt faux-jumpsuit



If you've read all the way to the end, thank you! Running a small brick-and-mortar business has its challenges, but getting to know our wonderful clients makes it all worthwhile. We're doing our best to recreate that experience online, so feel free to contact us or book a consultation (in-person or online) if you want to know more about our services. You can also check out our website, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a launch.


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