Yasmine Talks Shop: The Spring Break Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Spring Break Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop is a blog to fill you in on all the details about upcoming collections at Lustre Boutique. We typically share this information while chatting with clients at the shop, so this is how we invite our online community into the conversation. Purchasing clothing online can be challenging, so please get in touch with us on social media or via email if you need more information about our pieces. 

The Spring Break Collection

Spring Break is a vacation capsule collection full of mix-and-match pieces, so you have styling options without overpacking… even if you're only on staycation! We've brought back our favourite summer fabric in two best-selling styles: The Big Lies short culottes and the Naked Eye blouse. Plus, we've relaunched our faux jumpsuit separates in a groovy print that pairs beautifully with all our solid-coloured linen-viscose pieces. 

Chiquitita 2.0 and East Harlem

Based on the feedback I get from all of you, I know that you love jumpsuits as much as I do. There's something liberating about a one-piece outfit. On days when I have a lot on my mind, throwing on my Moment of Bliss means I have one less decision to make. If I'm attending an event wearing my Born in 77 I look chic as hell, but I know that I'm secretly the most comfortable person in the room. 

Jumpsuits are amazing… but sometimes we want options!

This is why I designed the East Harlem and Chiquitita 2.0, also known as the faux jumpsuit. They look and feel like a jumpsuit when worn together, but you can break them up and integrate them into your wardrobe as separates. I was so drawn to the groovy print of this deadstock viscose fabric. It's a statement, but the colour palette pairs nicely with neutrals. I wanted to give our clients the opportunity to rock the head-to-toe look and have the option to tone it down with a solid colour. 

The East Harlem is our full-length palazzo pants. For the Eastside fans out there, the East Harlem is the same cut but longer and in a more lightweight fabric. We have added an elastic to the front belt to give it more structure. The elastic does not cause any ruching or compression as the elastic is cut the same length as the belt.

You might recognize the Chiquitita 2.0 if you have been shopping with us for a while. The Chiquitita has evolved quite a bit since its first iteration. This version is longer than the original to overlap with our high-waisted pants. We added a sash waist that you can tie in the front or the back for more fit and size range flexibility. Wear it with the matching East Harlem pants for a jumpsuit look, or break it up with our new Big Lies shorts 



Big Lies

These shorts sold out multiple times last summer, so they might have flown under your radar. If you own them, you know how versatile they are. They have the flow of a skirt with the practicality of shorts. They look great with or without tights, so they're four-season appropriate, but the flowy cut and lightweight fabric make these shorts a heatwave must-have!

The waistband lies flat in the front and cinches in the back, which adds comfort without compromising the sleek line of the cut. This year, we've also added an elastic in the front waistband. This gives the belt more structure but does not cause ruching or compression.

We had so much success with this linen-viscose material last summer that we brought it back as one of our tried and true fabrics for 2024. I love how it gets softer with every wash while maintaining its structural integrity. I'm especially excited about our new colour, Sand. This sophisticated neutral offers a lighter alternative that showcases the lovely texture of the textile.

Naked Eye

We've only ever made this blouse in patterned fabrics, so we decided to switch things up and create a monochromatic version. The cobalt and sand versions are made with the same linen-viscose material as our Big Lies short culottes. This blouse looks great worn tucked or free flowing. Thanks to the bust darts, it has a boxy yet tailored finish. The breezy tulip sleeve is excellent for warm weather as it floats away from your skin while covering your shoulders. The open drape of the sleeve means it's totally unrestrictive, so you can easily layer it over long-sleeve tops on chilly days.


Shop Talk

Why did we name this collection Spring Break?

I'll be honest; I'm no expert on Spring Break. The last time I was officially on a break around this period of the year was in high school. We called it March break or "semaine de relâche" and no beach parties were involved. Even when I was living in Florida in the early '00s, I was too busy making princess crinolines in Disney's costume department to partake. Due to the abundance of academics who shop at Lustre Boutique, "Reading Week" would probably be a more demographically appropriate name for this collection. (On that note, looking for a versatile pair of conference pants? We've got you covered.

Like our scholarly Lustre Lovelies, my focus has been more on preparation than vacation at  this time of year. In 2006, I was preparing to open the doors of Lustre Boutique for the first time. In the early days, March would have been about preparing for the upcoming summer months. Today, eighteen years later (my baby is all grown up!), my team and I are executing plans we put in motion last year.

We've had to start planning further ahead to launch our collections on time. Since our move to digital patterns, the number of people in our production line has doubled. We need more time to coordinate all our local artisans' busy schedules. This means I've had to design our collections more in advance than I did before. Adjusting to this new workflow has been challenging but very rewarding. Plus, I get to test our spring/summer styles during my yearly vacation in October!

Halloween in California is my Spring Break, I guess!

I am wearing the Chiquitita 2.0 and East Harlem in Beach Trip, aka my alien costume, and my nephew is wearing his very cool solar system costume.


If you've read all the way to the end, thank you! Running a small brick-and-mortar business has its challenges, but getting to know our wonderful clients makes it all worthwhile. We're doing our best to recreate that experience online, so feel free to contact us or book a consultation (in-person or online) if you want to know more about our services. You can also check out our website, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a launch.


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