Yasmine Talks Shop: The Holiday Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop: The Holiday Collection

Yasmine Talks Shop is a blog to fill you in on all the details about upcoming collections at Lustre Boutique. We typically share this information while chatting with clients at the shop so this is our way of bringing our online community into the conversation. Purchasing clothing online can be challenging, so please contact us on social media or via email if you need more information about our pieces.  


It’s that time of year again!

The holiday season is nearly upon us. Whether you celebrate with a giant family gathering or by getting cozy on the couch, our newest collection has you covered. 

Let’s start with the two pieces that have already been launched: The satin Superfreak skirt and the long-sleeved Honey Trap blouse in French silk. 

Our Superfreak skirt is a perfect balance between flowy and form-fitting. This skirt is cut to hug your curves while still showcasing the drape of the fabric. The waistband lies flat in the front but has elastics in the back, so it looks crisp while remaining comfortable. What separates this satin from all the rest is the fabric composition. Because of the high viscose content, it’s more vaporous and doesn’t cling to the body as much as purely synthetic satins. 

We were so excited to stumble upon this black and white French silk. Originally designed for scarves, we intentionally created a garment that would utilize the square print without wasting fabric. The Honeytrap blouse has become a classic for us because of how effortlessly it elevates any outfit. If you like a looser fit, try going a size up. This beautiful silk chiffon drapes like a dream. The cuffs and neckline add all the structure that this top needs.


Now for the newness!

We often receive requests from clients to bring back old styles. I am happy to announce that we have finally obliged: The Greatest pants are back! For those who are unfamiliar, we first released the Greatest as fancy pyjama pants with a straight leg and a narrow elastic waist. We were so happy with the fit that we rereleased them a year later as a lounger in a heavyweight knit. (There’s still a size 4XL in our sales section, and they need a home!!!) 

Now, we’re taking The Greatest up a notch and launching them in pleated satin. You might recognize this textile from our evening wear collection. We love it for its flow and dimension, but it ultimately wins everyone over because of how comfortable it is! These pants are what I like to call “secret pjs.” They're chic enough for events but so comfortable that you feel like you're in loungewear.

The Greatest pants in Lime and Quarts are available for pre-order only and will be shipped on December 8th. Please place you order by November 21st at 12:01 AM if you want to snag a pair.

We have also produced a small quantity in black that you can come try on in store. For those who are familiar with our “Sliver fabric”, this black version has a wider and looser pleat which gives it a more textured look. Unfortunately due to a meterage miscalculation we did not have enough fabric to cut a size 3XL and 4XL. Because this textile is dead stock, we cannot order anymore. Please know that this was not intentional and we have adjusted our production methods so that it doesn’t happen again. 

Last but not least: The crew neck Rocklobster made with the same pleated satin in Lime and Quartz. This top speaks for itself! It’s easy to wear and fun to style. If you’re feeling it, go all out in Lime from head-to-toe. For bonus points: style it with a wreath.

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