Yasmine Talks Shop : Pre-Fall 2023

And we're back!

Sometimes it’s nice to return to something you’ve stepped away from. My team and I decided this is a way to try to bring some of the IRL boutique experience online, so I’m back at it! I can’t save ALL of my clever insights for the in-store clients!

While on the subject of return, our pre-fall collection has a little nostalgia. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you might catch some vintage Lustre energy from some of these pieces. I’ve been reaching out on social media to see what styles you want to make a comeback, and in typical Lustre Lovely fashion, you delivered! Your suggestions inspired me to revisit a silhouette: the body con!

The Crocodile Rock is the first body-con dress that we’ve made in a long time. Our body-con is unique because we cut our dresses to hug curves without over-stretching the material, and we use solid, high-quality textiles like this floral power mesh. I fell in love with this deadstock fabric the moment I saw it. But when I unrolled it and discovered the polka dots in the pattern - I felt pure maximalist delight, my friends! I knew I was going to design something super fun with it.

This piece pairs fabulously with our black Bicycle Race shorts (which we just launched in Fuschia) and Bound by a Thread bralette, but it also looks great with opaque black tights and a black bra. For those unfamiliar with our bralettes, we offer both regular and racerback straps.  Our most recent addition to the family is a beautiful Fuschia in racerback, which I find tends to fit better on people with longer torsos. If you love this new colour but prefer the regular straps, let us know!

Producing the Crocodile Rock dress left us with rather large scraps, so we made a small batch of Bang Bang t-shirts to reduce our waste. This style has sold out quite quickly in the past, so I haven’t had much time to sing its praises. We lengthened it a bit from the original and removed the elastic. It’s a super versatile not-too-cropped top that you can wear with everything from trousers to bike shorts.

The two black and white striped pieces, The East Harlem and Nobody’s Baby, are variations of Lustre classics. My passion for black and white striped pants started in 1988 when I first saw Beetlejuice. My love persists; I just never found the right fabric in sufficient quantities until now. The East Harlem is our wide-legged palazzo made with a gorgeous 100% modal. The graphic stripe styles remarkably well with other prints like the Bang Bang or the Emotional High - so is it a print or a basic? That’s for you to decide!

I wanted to make a top to match the East Harlem, but obviously (obviously!), there was only a limited quantity of the fabric. By some miracle, I also found a black and white striped crepe that drapes beautifully and pairs wonderfully with the striped modal. We’ve upgraded our Nobody’s Baby with a cuffed sleeve. Buttoned, this top wears like a blouse but feels more like a light jacket when unbuttoned.

Last but not least is the Lola. I’ll admit I might have taken it for granted and removed it from our production list one too many times. But the Lola is a tried and true classic with such die-hard fans that I couldn’t keep it away any longer. This perfectly tuckable boat neck t-shirt is back in both fuchsia and charcoal. 

As always, I’m happy to chat if you have more questions about the pieces in this launch or need some styling ideas. Reach out on social media or send me an email at info@boutiquelustre.com.

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