Yasmine Talks Shop: The Leisure Collection

For our first fall collection of 2021, I wanted to bring back my favourite fabric discovery of this year, the organic cotton Tencel French Terry!!! This is the fabric we used earlier this year for the Moment of Bliss jumpsuit, which is by far my most worn piece. I even slip into it when I get home from work, especially when I'm having an endo flare-up, and I can't stand the feeling of clothing on my skin. 

Moment of Bliss Navy

So it's no surprise that the first piece of this collection is the glorious comeback of our Moment of Bliss jumpsuit, this time in Navy. We extended the size range (it is now available in XS to 4X) so as many people as possible can enjoy it. As usual, custom sizing is available. Also, to be completely transparent, I made minor changes to the pattern as the fabric stretches after wear. I took up the shoulder to avoid gapping in the neckline and shortened the rise in the pants a bit as it was quite long in the torso. Nothing drastic, but just enough to accommodate the way the fabric stretches with wear.

Waterfalls Jogger

Now one of the reasons the Moment of Bliss jumpsuit works so well is that the band defines the waist without an elastic. I knew I wanted to repeat that in a pair of pants where instead of an elastic waistband, there's a wide band that holds your belly like a warm hug. The Waterfalls jogger is just that. The belt goes quite high, which is nice because if you raise your hands while wearing one of our loose crop tops, you don't see skin. I did ad the smallest elastic in the back to make sure that the pants stay up. I wanted to recreate the chic silhouette of all my adored wide pants. I hope you love them as much as we do!

Come and Hold Me

Talking of a warm hug, the last piece of the collection is the Come and Hold Me sweatshirt. A mock neck long crop sweatshirt, it is the perfect length for all your Lustre bottoms, to layer over your summer dresses as the nights get cooler, and to pair with the matching Waterfall pants for a sleek jumpsuit style. I just want to wear the French Terry outfit, matching all my girlfriends, and buy a house a la golden girls. This look will have you feeling both comfy and badass all in one.


You may have noticed that we haven't launched any zero-waste accessories lately. The reason is two-fold: first, we've been putting a bigger emphasis on zero-waste clothing, which is to say when we piece and cut our garments, we fit everything together like a grand puzzle and leave very little fabric behind. Secondly, the accessories we have been cutting we keep to sew a larger batch all at once, saving time and energy (another sustainability measure that's rarely talked about). 

Bottom line: new accessories and masks are coming. With this collection, we made the softest Call On Me scrunchies and Metal Heart headbands. I can't wear the scrunch, but this cozy headband is perfect for my nighttime skincare routine.

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