Yasmine Talks Shop: February 2021 Edition

One of the items on our Lustre Projects list this year was utilizing some of our “double deadstock” fabric. (Double deadstock: the deadstock fabric we have had sitting in our atelier long enough that it has essentially become deadstock for us on top of its original deadstock designation.)

Some of you know how much I love searching for treasures in Montreal fabric warehouses--finding beautiful vintage deadstock fabrics--but after 15 years, we now have a studio full of fabric. Some are small amounts leftover from designs we made 10 years ago, while others are rolls we purchased and sampled with but never went into production.

All that to say, one of my goals is to include at least one garment made out of those double deadstock fabrics in every (or almost) mini monthly drop. This February, we have three! The Rock Lobster in mesh polka dot and nude lace and our Eastside pants in purple corduroy. Note: this means these pieces are extra limited. 

We also managed to continue our zero-waste initiative this month. We were able to create the coveted Metal Heart bandeau in the navy polka dot mesh (cuttings from one of the Rock Lobster tops) and to introduce kitchen linens in the form of table napkins in the sweet potato linen/viscose deadstock.

After two months of pure decadent loungewear, I wanted to go back to what Lustre is known for: elegant and timeless pieces for the modern woman. These pieces are well-tailored without forgetting all that we need right now (which is to say comfort and adjustable waistbands). The keywords I kept in mind while designing were romantic and feminine, two things we need more of these days. So you can wear these pieces at home but can dream of spring and taking a walk in your neighbourhood.

Rock Lobster: mesh and short-sleeved lace
I love the idea of layering these tops. Super soft vintage fabric works well under a jumpsuit or jacket. Or over a tank or bralette. 

Eastside: purple corduroy
These pants are the same proportion and length as the West Coast we made in Gingham and Pinstripe in 2019. We’ve now given it a pandemic twist with an elastic back (similar to our Bedside shorts) and belt, which will provide you with flexibility within 2” at the waist.

Cosmonauts: pill-free viscose
We love the Cosmonauts top we made in burgundy stripes back in November, and we know you do too. Super comfortable and just enough oumf for your zoom meetings. So it just made sense to offer it in our favourite long-lasting pill-free fabric.

Remember, all pill-free pieces can be made in any colour in stock. In a perfect world, I would already have them available for you, but, for now, that’s but a dream. That having been said, you can always order custom! Let us know what dimension and colour* you want for your custom Cosmonaut, and we’ll make your dream a reality!

*Available colours as of February 2021: black, heather grey, papaya, caramel, and black plum.

Across the city gaucho pants

This is actually a silhouette I wanted to develop pre-pandemic and never got to it. Pants that really resemble a skirt—going wider than wide. I found this deadstock linen/viscose blend from Italy last fall, and there was only one roll. Even though I knew I wouldn’t use it till spring, I loved the colour too much to ignore it. It’s a colour that’s both saturated and soft, so easy to mix into any wardrobe.

I see these as the perfect transitional piece. They’re great for hanging around the house with your favourite fleece; as spring comes, they’ll look beautiful with a jean jacket and brown booties; and this summer, your go-to tanks and some slides. Other shoe options would be loafers or sneakers. Oh, and for a wedding, grab a lace crop top and some heels!

Moment of Bliss

Some pieces I design for you and some for me. This one is for me. Now, I realize that I’m the only one who has been living in the Moment of Bliss jumpsuit since early December cause I “had to” wash-and-wear test this new fabric.

So believe me when I tell you, “You need a second one.”

I opted for the berry colour because I see it as warm, versatile, and transitional. One of the reasons I chose the French Terry over the fleece is how well it will adapt into early summer. The fabric is cozy but breathable and the fibre’s components keep it cool and dry.
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