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If you follow me on Social Media, then you know I love MÜ Skincare and Marie-Claude, its founder. She has single-handedly changed the way I view my skin and my skincare routine. Before meeting Marie-Claude, I had tried pretty much every brand from super intense acne creams to high-end natural products.

This is by far the longest I’ve stuck to one brand, and I’m not looking anywhere else. Marie-Claude is an aesthetician who developed her own line of high-end natural, vegan, and (very) active products. She wanted to treat her clients with the products she knew would truly heal their skin. With the help of a chemist, she started cooking and perfecting one product at a time until she had what she needed to launch in 2018.

Not only does she use these products in her own spa, but she sells them online, and gives free online skincare consultations to make sure you get the right products for your skin.

On average, her complete skincare routines involve purchasing 3-4 products. I started with one product only and then grew my collection, so I asked her what product she would recommend as the must-have for your skin type (if you wanted to start with only one MÜ product).

From my experience, if you have sensitive, oily, or hormonal skin, I would 100% recommend her daily gel cleanser. This cleanser is for all skin types as it’s not harsh, but so effective. Not only do I use it daily, but Marie-Claude also has a great technique: wash your face with the cleanser, then reapply it on a dry face as a mask. Let it sit for one minute and then rinse. This double cleansing is my go-to technique for when I get hormonal flare-ups.

But here's what she had to say:

For dry and sensitive skin? Hydrating mask (and her moisturizing cream).
I will add that I love both of these products. Her hydrating mask is brightening, so I do use it once in a while. The cream is my go-to in the winter, but a bit heavy for me in the summer. Perfect for dryer and aging skin, also a great base for makeup.

For combination or oily skin? Gel cleanser (and the tonic).
I’ve already raved about her cleansing gel, but in seeing Marie-Claude for microdermabrasion and facials she told me to add the tonic and now I could never live without. It’s exfoliating and brightening.

For aging skin? The same as for dry skin (hydrating mask and moisturizing cream). Plus, she recommends the Gym Facial.
This is the facial that I do. It’s a full-service skin refresh. It starts with a cleanse, then microdermabrasion, followed by a mask, and ends with the microcurrent, which wakes up the muscles in your face. This has made my face more symmetrical and tight. So for those in Montreal or who eventually will visit Montreal, book this service from her. Click here to see her complete list of spa services.

Have I gushed enough?

We have now added her line to our site, so you can add any and all to your next Lustre order. Hello, luxury! 

- Yasmine 

Want to see more? Check out the MÜ Skincare Instagram account here.
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