Sustainable Packaging for the Win!


Some of you may have noticed a slight shift in our packaging. And if you haven't, well, that's okay too!

We're super stoked about these little changes we've made, which will inevitably have a big impact.

(Be ready to nerd out, friends.)

Here's what's different . . .

We've started using "Poly Mailers," which are:
  • Low cost (good for us and you)
  • Weather-proof (good for your clothes)
  • Reusable for returns (or, if you want to ship a friend a little something, you can use it for that instead)
  • Made of out 100% recycled materials (good for Mother Earth)
  • Lightest option (so you're paying not for the weight of the packaging but the goods)
  • Lowest carbon footprint (another point for Mother Earth)
  • Recyclable (at the end of its life you can toss it in the recycle bin and let it give birth to more poly mailers like it!)

(So, you get why we're excited, right?)

We've also made the switch from classic tissue paper to "Glassine Bags," which are:
  • Made of 100% FSC-certified virgin paper (to protect your pretty pieces)
  • No silicone or poly additives or coatings (to protect the Earth when you recycle it--see the next bullet point)
  • Curbside recyclable (Mother Earth is thrilled right now)
  • Naturally biodegradable (that's right--you could toss it in your compost if you were so inclined)
  • Acid-free (pH ranging from 7-9)

(They're also easier and neater for our team to manage, making beautiful little protective packets just for you.)

We're always striving to make our business even better, and ever more sustainable. The way we package our shipped-out orders was just the next step in a long line of little improvements as we do our part.
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