Silky Silk for a Sumptuous Experience

For December’s launch (and the holiday season), we decided to focus on ultra-lux feel-good loungewear made out of washed silk. And now I’m going to gush about it (while still being wonderfully informative).

Now. Put up your hand if you didn’t know washed / washable silk was a thing. I’m 32 and had never heard of such a thing. I always assumed silk was dry clean only, probably due to all the care labels stating as much.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t buy garments that need to be dry cleaned, or if you do, once “dirty” enough, they all get shoved in a bag and slowly collect dust and wrinkles until you finally make it to the dry cleaner down the road. That is one reason why I have no silk in my wardrobe. (The other reason being the often inflated price.)

This collection effectively nullifies both of those points (for better or for worse). 


What is silk?

Silk is a natural protein fibre produced by silkworms to create their cocoons. The cocoons are boiled, and the long fibres are retrieved and fed into a spinning wheel. 

Some fun facts:

1. Silk is smooth but not slippery

2. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres

3. Silk use was first developed in ancient China, with the earliest surviving example of silk fabric dating from about 3630 BC. 

4. Silk’s absorbency makes it comfortable in warm weather and when you’re moving & grooving. 

5. Silk’s low conductivity keeps warm air close to your skin during cold weather (now you understand the timing of our launch).

6. Silk has been used as a biomaterial due to its mechanical strength and biocompatibility, among other things. (It’s even being used for tendon tissue engineering!)  

What is washed-silk?

It’s silk that has been washed (usually with fabric softener, which *surprise surprise* softens the material and alters the texture, so it comes across as a little more matte, rather than super shiny).

What is washable silk?

It’s silk that you can wash.

Here’s where it gets a little more convoluted: not all washed silk is washable. You’ll still get a massive number of washed-silk options that state dry clean only because it can still shrink or warp in the wash, being that it is a fabric made of entirely natural fibres.

The good news:

Not only is our silk collection made with washed-silk, but we’ve also preshrunk and tested it to make sure you can wash it at home. Hurray!


“But how do I wash it?” you ask?

We recommend washing your Lustre silk garments either by hand or in the washing machine on delicate. Either way, use COLD water. (Good for the environment, your gas bill, and the clothes.) If you use the machine and want an extra layer of protection (especially in an older machine), you can pop your silk into a mesh bag (like you would use for pantyhose or lacy lingerie).

You want to avoid any harsh detergents, so check the labels and make sure whatever you’re using is appropriate for delicate materials. (Let us know in the comments if you have any tried-and-true favourites.)

Lastly, you want to hang them to dry. Haven’t got a lot of space? My go-to is using the shower curtain rack.

The bottom line:

Silk, even washed and washable, is a delicate fabric, and you want to treat it as such. It won’t be able to withstand the same wear and tear as your jeans, for example, but if you care for it and respect it, it will last you a good, long while.

Design & Style:

Yasmine designed this line to feel like air, draping you in the most luxurious, sumptuous, and delicate manner. Whether you're lounging, sleeping, relaxing, working, or grooving (at home or otherwise), you'll feel fabulous and god-like in these pieces.

The wide leg The Greatest pants with their high-rise elastic waist are easy and comfortable to wear, with lots of room to move and groove. You can match them with a simple basic on top for a more casual look, the matching Psychic Hearts top, or a chic and tight-fitting cami or bodysuit plus heels if you want to look stylish and sleek for a fancy night out.

The Psychic Hearts top is a dreamy, drape-y blouse with tulip sleeves and no side seams. You heard us, NO SIDE SEAMS. The last thing you want in bed is to feel constricted, so Yasmine did a little wrap overlay on the sides (mimicking the sleeves) for a cute, comfy, and surprisingly sexy little number. Of course it goes wonderfully with the matching The Greatest pants, but you'd be surprised how super it looks with high-waisted skinny jeans and ankle booties. You could even layer it over a turtleneck for a more covered and conservative look.

Our Nude as the News slip dress is a garment that can be styled one-hundred-and-one ways. On its own, the dress is cut with a low back, a relaxed fit through the bodice and hips, and is slightly longer in the back. The straps are adjustable (and have the added bonus of making you look like a gift ready to be unwrapped if you tie them into bows). It looks great paired with the paisley The Greatest pants for a more covered-up loungewear look, or even layered over a mock-neck t-shirt and stockings for a fun, festive style.

Last, but not least, we have our beautiful little bandeaus made from fabric scraps. Not only are they a lovely way to bring some luxury into your hairstyles, but they also make this December Capsule Collection 2020 our first zero-waste collection! (Something we're planning to do more and more in the months to come.) Use the Metal Heart bandeau for decoration or practicality (we've tested it for workouts and spa nights chez nous).

In case you missed it up top, here's the link to view the whole wonderful washable silk collection. Treat yourself or someone else!

- Katherine

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