Rin's 8 Essentials to Survive 2020

It's November, folks. School is getting stressful, the weather's feeling grim, and we are most certainly deprived of sunlight. 

This year has been a hell of a ride. In this new-found world of increased screen time, limited exposure to loved ones, and perpetual pandemic paranoia, the energy is feeling especially heavy.

We have to get back to basics. I mean, if you're anything like me, procrastination is currently exhausting you more than the actual tasks.

I can't *stress enough* the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. 

I have been looking away into a nostalgic abyss in the hopes that this new-found "normal" would make sense. 

In the meantime, let's find our peace of mind by reconnecting with ourselves and finding our centre. 

Here are eight self-care essentials for surviving the rest of 2020:

(These may be basic, but remember we are going back to basics)

  1. Go outside, my darling.

    Yes, outside. Yes, I'm even talking to the ultra homebodies. I need y'all to do this for yourselves because it will give you much-needed oxygen and a change of environment. 

    The air will refresh your spirits, and your trip outside will allow your spirit a much-needed connection with the outside world.

    Yes, it's cold, but nurture this new-found connection with your own warmth and your home. Breathe in some air, even if it's just for 5 minutes. 
  1. Stay tight.

    Let's keep each other close. Since we can't actually be physically close to one another, it's so much more important to reach out to loved ones to stay connected.

    Plan a weekly phone call, write an email, write a letter (and actually send it). We sometimes forget that we are social animals who literally need social interaction to feel sane. 

    Check on your strong friend ... they often are the ones who need us the most. If you happen to be that strong friend, don't be afraid of reaching out to your loved ones. Pride has no place here. 
  1. Support local businesses.

    This ties in with #2 above. Hohoholidays are coming up, and undoubtedly there will be a wave of money being spent in the coming weeks.

    Let's spend our well-earned money on strengthening our community by shopping local. Let's make each other smile and hoooooorah with joy when they receive an order.

    When we uplift each other, we lift ourselves, and it's so important to see and value the hard work of our peers and neighbours. 

    (Need a little help to get started? Check out our blog series focused on small and local MTL businesses here.)
  1. Keep a gratitude journal.

    This has literally changed my perception of my own abundance. Hanging onto limiting beliefs and a lifestyle of scarcity is the most insidious thing we can possibly do during this time.

    We are all abundant; we are all worthy; nothing is impossible. Find some time every day, or even once a week, to write down a list of what is working and what you are grateful to have in your life. 

    You will come to realize that you are more abundant and full than you thought!

    Need some inspiration? I have found it especially grounding to listen to Londrelle's affirmative and soothing voice.

    You can check out their "Gratitude" voice recording here
  1. Be conscious of your consumption.

    Yes, I mean food, but I also mean media consumption, energy consumption, and EVERYTHING that we intake.

    Aim to nourish your body instead of unconsciously filling it with stuff, noise, trash. It's also imperative that we control how much time we spend "connecting" with others on social media.

    Social media has proven to be essential for us to stay in touch, provide feedback, and connect with others we may not have had direct access to.

    It can also prove to be a space where we spend a lot of our free time. It's important to remember that we have agency -- use the platforms and don't let them use you. 
  1. Cultivate a zen, peaceful space.

    Hate the table or carpet that has become an eyesore? Get rid of it. Is there clutter everywhere because of a busy week? Take 10 minutes to straighten your things up.

    Your space is a direct reflection of your mental state. The more organized and clean you are, the better you will feel. 
  1. Get a pet / bond with the pet(s) you have. 

    Animals are incredibly intuitive of our feelings and emotions. If you've never had a pet before, know that a companion animal will change your world.

    Adopt a cat from a rescue. Get a beta fish. Dogs will force you to have to go outdoors (see #1), which is great for your mental health.

    If we are forced to take care of another entity, we are encouraged to take care of ourselves. 
  1. Breathe, babe.

    Inhale all the love, exhale all of the nonessential. Recently, I have found myself adopting shallow breathing as a default because of stress and anxiety.

    Get into the habit of checking yourself. Unclench your jaw. Roll down those shoulders. Take a long, deep breath and let it all out.

    Use this list as a reminder that you're an abundant boss who is capable of anything and everything. 

Love y'all, and stay safe.

Rin Eadie 



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