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Hello, Lustre lovelies!

Not everyone in our ever-growing community is familiar with our Custom Sizing, so we're here to break it down.

As you know, Lustre designs and creates clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, making fashion that suits your life, style, and body perfectly. Tailoring is included in the price, so if you need something taken in, up, or let down, we'll do it with a spring in our step.

In building our online store and working through these many months of social distancing, we brainstormed how we might still deliver our excellent fitting services to those of you who are far away. The answer? CUSTOM SIZING.
When should you select CUSTOM?
  • Your size is sold out;
  • Our sizing (detailed here) doesn't cater to you; or
  • You're not sure what Lustre size will fit you best.
Once we have your measurements, we can cut and sew the perfect piece for you and your dimensions.

Why do we love CUSTOM?
Once we have a bunch of custom orders, we get to play a complex game of Tetris with our material to use it as efficiently as possible. That means less waste. So, not only do you get exactly what you're looking for, but we get to make the most of the fabric we have, saving both money and resources.

What else should you know before ordering CUSTOM?
Custom is created according to your measurements, which means we don't get started until you've made your purchase and we have your measurements. Unlike our ready-to-wear garments, custom pieces are made to order and take 3-4 weeks before shipping. Don't worry: you'll receive an email detailing the ETD (estimated time of departure) for your custom order within one week of placing it. If you have bought both ready-to-wear and custom items in one order, we'll reach out to you to see if you want everything in one batch (once the custom is finished) or in two instalments.

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