Room Spray | Boreal Forest

Room Spray | Boreal Forest

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This cute and sweet-smelling RÂW & Co. room spray is a great addition to any home.
Made of only three ingredients (water, alcohol, perfume), this is the simplest and most satisfying scented mist you're ever likely to find. The water is rainwater that is distilled on-site (we know, right?!) and the alcohol is produced by a local distillery (Distillerie La Chaufferie).
Just a few sprays will go a long way to freshen up drapes, couches, and the general space.
Transport yourself to the Boreal forest and breathe in the scent of the mighty pine.
TIP: Enjoy a little spritz of this just before bed or rest in your favourite luxurious Lustre silk loungewear look for an aromatherapy-boosted evening!

How to use: Remove the lid. Spray (a little goes a long way). Enjoy.

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Handmade with zero-waste practices.

120 ml

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, perfume.